Life needs a soundtrack…

I have spring fever. I know this because it’s difficult to be indoors and I’m extremely restless, especially at work. I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen but I have no idea what I’m waiting for. It’s not a bad feeling, just unsettling. Note to self – work out more before you drive yourself crazy!

So what else can a restless girl do? Watch The Voice of course! The Voice has the uncanny ability to command my entire attention and take me to my happy place. I love the goofiness of the coaches and how they are clearly having a great time. I love the kindness and respect they show the contestants – particularly those who don’t get chosen. It’s touching to watch the contestants pursue their dreams. But, most of all, I love the music.

Music and I go way back. I remember being a teenager holed up in my room for hours listening to FM radio or to albums on my turntable and thinking, “Thank God for music – I don’t think I could survive being a teenager without it!” Music was ubiquitous throughout college and my twenties but then I became a new mom in my early thirties and my world narrowed. It wasn’t a conscious choice but music just wasn’t as important anymore.

Years later my daughter became a music journalist after college and she became my guide to alternative music. For one of my birthdays she took me to a concert in East Atlanta, making it the first one I had been to in many years. But the thing that brought music fully back into my life was working out.

When I started to spend lots of time on the treadmill, I needed music to motivate me and keep me company. I started growing my playlist, beginning with songs that were like old friends but quickly desiring new ones as well. Which brings me back to The Voice. It doesn’t happen every episode but several times each season I’ll be watching when suddenly one of the contestants will sing something I really, really like and I almost can’t contain my excitement. I rush to my computer so I can purchase it on iTunes. Sometimes I buy the version by the original artist, sometimes I buy the contestant’s version, and once or twice I couldn’t decide so I bought both! (Hey, each song is only $1.29 so I can splurge!) I’m proud to say that my playlist is quite eclectic, ranging from R&B to Puccini to Country to Broadway to Pop as well as the music I was listening to way back in my bedroom when I was a teenager.




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2 Responses to Life needs a soundtrack…

  1. Elise N Boyer says:

    My music life followed a similar path; isn’t it hard to realize you don’t play the stereo anymore because your 2-kids-under-5 make too much noise to allow for enjoyment of music? I am so grateful to my younger son, now a crazy-cool 16 year old, for sharing his music with his parents, and to my husband who streams constantly and makes sure I have a new life soundtrack. The Voice led me to my now favorite album from Hozier!


    • “Take Me to Church” – that’s one of the songs I purchased! I could tell that Jay is really into music when we were all in Florida. Life is richer with music. Thanks for reading my posts and for commenting!


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