Self-employed, me?…

I’ve decided to become a personal trainer. To work with women like me, ones who haven’t spent their entire lives being in great shape. Working out regularly has changed my life and I believe I can help others use fitness to both feel better and to feel better about themselves. On the day that I made the decision I shared the news with someone I know who said “you’ll be so unintimidating!”  Upon hearing her response I knew instantly that would be how I would market myself. (Thanks J!) Because I do believe that I can be a different kind of trainer. I’m a work in progress but I’ve come far enough that I can help others who are just starting out.

It strikes me that this will be an entrepreneurial undertaking. In all my years of working post college, I’ve always worked for someone else. Now I will be working for myself. Which makes me think of my parents. Dad was a men’s window trimmer meaning he made the storefront of men’s clothing stores look nice. Then he opened three women’s clothing stores and eventually ended up with booths in flea markets selling women’s clothing. Mom had her own working life but eventually became his partner in the flea markets. It was a hard life – lots of long hours and inconsistent business. I’ll never forget being in the car on a summer’s day on Long Island and mom and dad bemoaning the absolutely beautiful day that it was because it meant that people wouldn’t want to go shopping. I remember thinking, “this is crazy,” and swore I would never let my perspective on life become so warped by my work. Since then “retail” has been a dirty word for me.

I just never had the urge to be self-employed. But yet in just a few short months that is exactly what I’ll be. It will be a different sort of life and I’m glad. But first there are all sorts of decisions I have to make such as:

  • where do I want to work – in a gym or studio or somewhere else?
  • what days and times do I want to work and how many hours altogether?
  • how will I recruit clients?
  • how will I support myself?????

These are all really important questions but I don’t need to answer them yet. The main task before me right now is figuring out the best way for me to get trained and certified so that I can be the best trainer possible.


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2 Responses to Self-employed, me?…

  1. Michelle Mcclellan says:

    You are gonna be fantastic!! You are such a kind person, and so good at giving support.It seems like a good fit.


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