I’m so glad I live in Atlanta as opposed to say, San Diego. I need the change of seasons. I need for the weather to be variable, even unpredictable. I need short days and long days. I need the sun and clouds, rain and wind; days that are dry and those that are humid. I need cool days and days that are warm. I need workout mornings when I finish drenched in sweat and also workout mornings when I start out wearing my favorite old sweatshirt. Workout mornings that start out in darkness and those that start in the early morning light. I need days when the sun is out and the air is so clear that you can see every leaf and everything looks beautiful. I need the hope of snow. I’m also particularly grateful when, like today, I am in a reflective mood and the sky gets overcast and the wind picks up and then it rains. I love sitting on my front porch so that I can feel the wind on my face and hear the leaves rustle.

Today I spent a guilt-free afternoon indoors because of the weather. I took a nap and then watched a movie on Netflix called The Giver. The film is based on a young-adult novel by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about a utopian society where everything is ordered and predictable in an extreme response to the cruelty and pain of life. I recall gasping out loud when, reading the book for the first time, I realize that part of the uniformity of their lives is their inability to see colors. You, the reader, are unaware of all the beautiful, messy things that are missing from the planned community until the protagonist sees red for the first time under the tutelage of his mentor – the one person in the community that remembers the past, the one person who can see colors, hear music and feel love.

I’m so glad that life has color, both literally and figuratively. I’m grateful that some times my emotions get away from me because I almost always learn something from the journey. I’m grateful that, from time to time, people surprise me and reveal sides to them that I never knew. I’m grateful that I continue to grow and take risks (usually under duress, I admit). I’m grateful that I have choices and the freedom to make my own decisions, right or wrong.





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