I hate self-improvement lists. By design they offer bite-sized advice or recommendations, thereby taking away any excuse for not heeding the suggestions. Unfortunately, since I almost always ignore the proffered advice I’m usually left feeling slightly depressed. (By the way, Facebook makes me feel the same way but for different reasons. Is it only me that feels weighed down by reading the highlights of everyone elses’ lives? As do the public words of praise and affection that everyone throws around so freely. But I digress…) The other problem with lists is they often conflict with someone else’s list on the same topic and that is another of my limitations – faced with conflicting information, or just too much information, I become paralyzed with indecision. I might as well stumble around in the dark on my own.

This morning I read a list I actually found to be helpful. (Hey – I never promised I would be consistent in my beliefs!) The title of the list was “8 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Working Out.” While it’s true that I’m not starting out, my personal trainer program begins this week which is feeling like a reboot of sorts. Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve hit a plateau in my fitness/weight loss journey and immersing myself in school feels like the perfect antidote. I’m eager to push myself hard; to acquire new information and skills; and to join a positive/like-minded community. I can’t wait to report back from the front lines!

P.S. Writing this post was a deliberate act of procrastination. My one true task for today is to pick an individual heath insurance plan. Who on earth wouldn’t prefer to write a post rather than spend time on

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