Training as therapy…

For as long as I can remember, friends and acquaintances have told me that I should be a therapist. I understand why they say this – I can be a good listener and I’m not an overly judgemental person. And, when I’m in a good space, I have a calm presence. However, becoming a therapist never seemed the right path for me. Now as I visualize my work with my future training clients, I see the opportunity for me to use these very same qualities as I help women on their paths towards wellness.

I’ve been thinking about the positive impact that women in the service industry have on my life. I think about my hairdresser, my friend who happens to be a wonderful massage therapist, as well as the aestheticians who I go to regularly for facials and to have my eyebrows shaped. They are all nurturing and positive people. They are supportive and caring. They act as cheerleaders and provide shoulders to cry on. I leave each and every time feeling filled up in some fundamental way. This can be portrayed as trivial but I don’t believe it is – quite the contrary. Who they are as people creates the space for genuine communication – a safe space for sharing the details of my day-to-day life but also for sharing the things that I feel most vulnerable about. It is very powerful to share your deepest concerns and to find acceptance, even commonality, when you do.

During my own fitness journey, many important issues have come up – issues around self-esteem and self-confidence, body image, what it means to be a woman, and empowerment, just to name a few. My hope and goal is to create a safe place for the women that I will work with. I may not be a therapist but I can listen, I can be non-judgemental, and I can hope to convey my belief in each woman’s ability to grow strong – inside and out.

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