Sunday mornings…

I love Sunday mornings. It’s the one time during the week that I can go to sleep the night before and not set my alarm clock. Even so, I always wake up early. I’m greeted by a fresh new day that is quiet and still in a way that is different from other mornings. I like to make a cup of coffee and then sit on the top step of my front porch. I make a survey of all that is around me – the various shades of green, the sky, and the sound of the many birds. Sitting on the porch on Sunday morning is the time when I’m most in touch with my spiritual side. I tend to fill up with feelings of gratitude. Everything seems possible. The whirling of my mind slows down a bit. It’s the time that I’m most likely to feel peaceful and content. Sitting on that step on Sunday morning is my way of meditating.

The quality of my sleep hasn’t been great lately and I frequently wake-up not feeling rested. If change is stressful then I recognize that this is a stressful time. I’ve left my job and have become a full-time student in a totally different field. My financial situation is shaky for the first time in many, many years. But I chose this path and feel with certainty that it is the right one for me. So I’ve been problem solving about how to help my sleep be more restful. I’ve scrutinized my night-time activities to see if I can make any adjustments. I’ve tried turning the TV off a little earlier in the evening. I’ve also experimented with taking a shower before going to bed, with lighting scented candles, with having a cup of herbal tea, and with listening to classical music. Just yesterday I purchased an alarm clock with nature sounds which I can listen to while falling asleep. I’m hopeful that some of these things will help but deep down I suspect I will need to wait out this time of transition. In the meantime, I have Sunday mornings.

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