Dead ends…

“The world is always rushing forward to teach us, and that the greatest thing we can do is to stand there, open and available, and be taught by it.” ~Dana Velden, Finding Yourself in the Kitchen

Today I went for a mid-afternoon walk at Mason Mill Park. It was fantastic outside; sunny, cool enough for a sweatshirt and really breezy. Not long into my walk I decided that today was the day to follow the newly paved spur off the well-trodden main path. I approached the new section with curiosity and excitement. (Truth be told, I was practically skipping!) I wondered how far this particular path would go and what it would feel like to walk (or run) its length. And I was quietly patting myself on the back thinking – “Yay you, trying something new”! So you can imagine my disappointment when the spur ended a relatively short distance from its starting point rather abruptly and unceremoniously by a large parking lot. Not what I was expecting or hoping for!

This is what I’m realizing. As I try to keep myself open to and pursue new experiences, not all of them will be positive or will resonate with me or will further my growth. Sometimes an experiment can be mildly interesting but ends up not having any lasting attraction for me. And that’s OK because all of it – the home runs and the dead ends and everything in between – are part of my journey.




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