4 days…

stepping off the cliff

half a moment before the ground

growing wings

Source: One Out of the Comfort Zone

What keeps us stuck? Is it excess weight? The wrong job? Health challenges? Too little money? Dysfunctional relationships? The stress of modern life? I’m starting to think that the answer, for me, can be found in a single word – ME! I have been the one true obstacle and barrier to living the kind of life I want.

For three and a half years I worked out and lost weight slowly. I began to look and feel better. My health and outlook improved. But then my weight began to slowly creep back on. I’m talking only five pounds but those five pounds felt huge. I was panic-stricken. After all, what chance did habits created over the past three and a half  years have against those created during all the many years that came before? So I decided to try a radically different kind of eating program based on nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled meal replacements. Even now, writing those words, I can’t believe I chose to do this. (See my previous post, “Being bold…”)

And here’s what happened…four days into the program I lost those five pounds. I went from my highest weight in many months to my lowest weight in decades. That’s what it took – four days. Was it challenging? Definitely! (Though not as challenging as I thought it would be.) I was a little bewildered by this turn of events. How could so much despair evaporate in just four days? And what herculean effort had been required to push through to the other side? Simply needing to recognize a deep and profound desire to live a life full of health and vitality. And then making a commitment to do what was needed to get there. I had to make it a priority. I had to get out of my own way and just do it!!!

Two weeks later and I’ve now lost a total of nine pounds. I’m ecstatic about the weight loss but that hasn’t even been the best part. The best part has been beginning to see, for the very first time, all the ways I’ve been holding myself back. Because the flip side of knowing that I’ve been getting in my own way is knowing that I could choose not to. Now that’s mind-blowing…

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