Crystal ball…

Do you know who has the ability to imagine the future? Landscapers! Landscapers select and place young, immature plants and trees with an eye towards the time to come. They imagine a distant day where, if Mother Nature cooperates, a harmonious or bold tapestry of color, size, shape, and texture will emerge. It seems a lot to calculate at the start – the knowledge of all things green, the understanding of weather patterns, as well as the aesthetics in multiple time frames – now, somewhat down the road, and then over the horizon. I’m in awe.

I got to thinking about the prescient powers of landscapers while I was walking at my favorite park last week. The newest of the two trails opened up only a few months ago so springtime on the trail is a new experience. Previously unnoticed and unremarkable saplings are now in bloom. One section alternates between redbud trees (whose blossoms are purple, go figure!) and a type of tree with small white blossoms. It hit me that this color scheme was pre-planned (duh!) and then I began to notice, with eyes newly opened, all the other landscaping choices made along the path. Clearly, these designers can navigate the terrain of the future with ease and comfort.

For my part, the future is a mysterious place so undefined that I can’t yet indulge in the pleasure of making it beautiful either in reality or in my mind’s eye. I know that the present is really all we ever have but there is a part of me that wishes for just one quick glance into a crystal ball.

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4 Responses to Crystal ball…

  1. Elise and Jay Boyer says:

    Excellent piece! Well timed, too, since we meet with the garden designer today. Love you!

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  2. Really wonderful piece you wrote!

    Paulette Motzko


    • Thanks so much Paulette. I truly appreciate your feedback!


      • What is your name? I want to give you credit for the article that I’ve already shared on
        Also, to make the article look even better, would you mind sharing a few very wonderful images with me and I will embed them into the article and it will give the article more appeal. I will give you photo credits on the article as I always do. The readership on Totally Inspired Mind is about 84 countries read it monthly now.
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        Keep up the great work and I will keep reading and sharing it!


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