Hidden rooms…

For years I had a recurring dream about walking through my house and suddenly coming across a room, or sometimes an entire annex of rooms, which previously had been unknown to me. I would wake from the dream feeling disquieted but also exhilarated; these newly discovered spaces hinted at possibilities, almost like stumbling upon buried treasure.

Today my dream world and the real world intersected for a little while. I finally visited a spiritual bookstore that I had been meaning to go to for quite some time. I was in search of a necklace that I could wear daily which would be a symbol of my desire for calmness and centeredness. When I arrived, I discovered that the bookstore was located inside a nondescript ranch-style house – conventional and plain. I had expected something else entirely.

But when I opened the door, my disappointment vanished. I felt like Harry Potter visiting Diagon Alley for the first time…one moment in an ordinary, British Pub and the next moment passing through a portal to a different world full of magical things. What hit me first was the smell of incense, the sparkle of hanging crystal mobiles, and, everywhere I looked, a riot of colors. The bookstore is composed of several rooms, each with a theme – Eastern thought, personal development, crystals, candles, gemstone jewelry, tarot cards, and fantasy, to name a few. I noticed a couple of rooms off to the side for psychic readings. But it was a large separate room clearly designed for classes and meditation, that attracted me the most. Its yoga-like emptiness and decor was in contrast to the onslaught of stimulation that greeted one’s senses everywhere else in the bigger-than-expected, meandering store.

I didn’t find that special necklace today but I left with something even better – a new way of seeing myself. Just like the exterior of the store, I appear conventional. I’m a quiet, nice introvert; a good listener. But there’s a lot going on beneath the surface of me, a lot more color and irreverence and laughter and wonder. I haven’t had that recurring dream in several years because I’m no longer a stranger to myself. But I still have interior rooms that are in need of fresh air and light and I want to provide these things. But even when I do, at my center, there will always be a quiet space, an empty room, made just for being still.


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5 Responses to Hidden rooms…

  1. Hi Caren, I’m glad you found Phoenix & Dragon. I’ve been participating in an event there that takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month: the Shaman Circle. If you decide to explore what that’s about, look for me in the circle. I’m glad you’re discovering new ways of seeing yourself (and the world) while maintaining your center. It can be a lifelong journey. Best wishes!


  2. Jeff Cann says:

    I have the hidden room dream at least once per week. For four years, I’ve been blogging introspectively, and I believe that the hidden room dream is a metaphor for stumbling on new insights into an area I think I already know well. Some of the rooms are spooky, all of the rooms are weird. A few days ago, I dreamed I was putting compost in a hole in my back yard when it occurred to me that the hole shouldn’t be there. I peered down into the hole and saw it was a whole basement room with a group of men working to renovate it. Not sure what THAT means.


    • Really?!! Didn’t realize it was such an archetypal dream. Also, don’t think mine ever had people in them. (The basement one you describe seems so full of hope to me.) Mine were weird as well and definitely disquieting… maybe I’m romanticizing them in retrospect. BTW – I really enjoy your posts…I like your honesty, humor, and irreverence. Thanks for commenting; it’s encouraging me to spend more time reading other blogs.

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