Right before my 60th birthday, I experienced a low point in my life which acted as a wake-up call. (Not the annoying nudge of an alarm clock kind of wake-up call; more like the shock of having a bucket of freezing cold water thrown in your face kind of wake-up call!) Suddenly, I knew with certainly that I could no longer act like I had all the time in the world. This realization prompted me to start a journey of re-imagining my life. That was three and a half years ago.

In the early days of my journey, I joined a gym and started working out regularly. I lost weight. I started feeling better about myself. Then I decided to approach each new day with more wonder; to take more chances; to try new things. Eventually I decided to give notice at my job of 17 years. Over the coming months I tried to figure out what my next step would be. One spring morning, after working out and being approached in the parking lot for advice by a fellow gym member, I decided to become a personal trainer. I would acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for me to help other women. I was excited. I enrolled in a full-time personal trainer program. I did well but I wasn’t happy. Something was off. I withdrew from the program. I was back to square one.

That was 10 months ago. What followed was a time of reflection; a time when I was frequently alone and still so that I could hear the “whisper of my authentic self.”* Eventually a path forward began to emerge and I made the decision to become a Health Coach. Since then I’ve completed a three-month course, have begun seeing clients, and am now working on my national certification. I’m happy to say that I got it right this time.

Changing one’s life brings up lots of emotions. The original intent of this blog was to combine my love of writing with my desire to process the roller-coaster feelings and thoughts that were then my constant companions. These days my mind is stiller; I’m more at peace. Because of this, my urge to write has been less frequent. However, I miss writing! So, I’m working on creating a new vision for this blog, one that combines my work as a health coach with insights and observations from my own, circuitous journey.

Thanks for visiting “almostsixtyblog.” Please let me know if anything I write resonates with you.

Caren Feingold, July 2017

*Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Abundance & Joy

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  1. JB West says:

    Hi Caren! Congratulations. I love this. I’ve been a personal trainer for almost ten years and I could call my blog “almost seventy.” Can’t wait to hear more about your journey.


  2. Thanks JB! Just visited your website and I’m in awe! Let’s stay in touch…I can certainly use a mentor as I train to become a personal trainer. For me the writing part is a labor of love. In the beginning I waited until I had completely formed ideas before I sat down to write but now I trust the process more. Most of the time, all I need now is a seed of an idea and then I simply start writing…sometimes I get really surprised about where I end up. I try to post at least once a week; otherwise the momentum slows down too much. But I don’t have any hard and fast rules…sometimes life slows down or conversely, gets difficult and I’m just not ready to process things in a public forum. The two things I love most – finding the exact word/words to convey what I’m feeling and finding the balance between sharing my authentic self with my need for privacy – it’s such an interesting challenge! Thanks again for your appreciation and encouragement.

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    • JB West says:

      I love sharing about my experiences as a personal trainer–good and bad–fortunately there are more good. Sounds like I can learn from you about blogging and writing. It’s also interesting that you have a need for privacy. I think I could be a hermit, but I love being a trainer and I love working with my clients. They bring out the best in me, but at the end of the day I’m so glad to be out of the gym with no noise and no people. I look forward to hearing from you also. This is totally the best job ever!


  3. Jeff Cann says:

    This resonates with me a lot. My wife and I have been talking a lot about re-imagining our lives. New town, new jobs. So close to pulling the trigger. Alas, it isn’t just us, we have teenage kids too. Trying to balance our needs with their needs.

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  4. rhinophile says:

    Much that you say resonates with me. Both the self-initiated and ‘foisted upon us’ versions of change can sometimes come thick and fast. It helps to be aware of when the change made doesn’t feel right and a new direction is needed. I like the way you have worked through these days of your life, and you share it well!


  5. Thank you! I look forward to reading your future posts.

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