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When age isn’t just a number…

A few short weeks ago, I was brainstorming a possible new post that would revisit the main idea from one of my favorite posts from two and a half years ago, “Cinnamon, aging, and Einstein…” Back then, I used a … Continue reading

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Fathers and sons…

Often in the past 10 months while doing my job as a wellness coach at the YMCA, I’ve observed fathers showing their sons how to work out. I’ve witnessed many teaching styles – both encouraging and demanding and everything in … Continue reading

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Hidden rooms…

For years I had a recurring dream about walking through my house and suddenly coming across a room, or sometimes an entire annex of rooms, which previously had been unknown to me. I would wake from the dream feeling disquieted … Continue reading

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Crystal ball…

Do you know who has the ability to imagine the future? Landscapers! Landscapers select and place young, immature plants and trees with an eye towards the time to come. They imagine a distant day where, if Mother Nature cooperates, a … Continue reading

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Yesterday while doing yard work, I had the strangest sensation. I no longer felt like the “me” that I’ve always been. It was as if all the many changes I’ve made during these last few years suddenly reached a critical … Continue reading

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Chain link fence, part 2

There are all types of fences. There are the ones that exist in the physical world, the ones that act as barriers to keep us away. (See Chain link fence, part 1.) ¬†And then there are the invisible ones, the … Continue reading

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