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The song I wanted to hear but didn’t know…

Earlier this week I decided to give being a vegetarian a try. No one is more surprised by this decision than me. Even today, if asked what my favorite food group is, I’d say protein! And that’s been my problem…I … Continue reading

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Crystal ball…

Do you know who has the ability to imagine the future? Landscapers! Landscapers select and place young, immature plants and trees with an eye towards the time to come. They imagine a distant day where, if Mother Nature cooperates, a … Continue reading

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“About” revisited…

This particular story begins four years ago while I was attending a conference in San Diego. I was sitting in a small breakout session, and despite the fact that there were over 5,000 people in attendance at the conference, I … Continue reading

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4 days…

stepping off the cliff half a moment before the ground growing wings Source: One Out of the Comfort Zone What keeps us stuck? Is it excess weight? The wrong job? Health challenges? Too little money? Dysfunctional relationships? The stress of … Continue reading

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Yesterday while doing yard work, I had the strangest sensation. I no longer felt like the “me” that I’ve always been. It was as if all the many changes I’ve made during these last few years suddenly reached a critical … Continue reading

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Chain link fence, part 1

For months I’ve been acutely aware of the construction of a second trail at the park where I walk regularly. I can’t overstate my curiosity, excitement, and impatience to explore this new path as week after week went by and … Continue reading

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