The power of “you can do it”…

Every Tuesday and Friday morning my alarm goes off at 5:00am so that I can be at Bootcamp by 5:45. I rarely miss it. Just as my newly dyed blonde hair reminds me every time I look in the mirror that I’m changing, Bootcamp is the other thing that I do that says “you are not on automatic pilot with your life anymore.” Change is hard and slow; the results and rewards often take a long time to see; and it can be disorienting when there is so much going on inside but invisible to others. So you need something that keeps your efforts front and center; something that is out in the light of day (though in the early fall we were doing Bootcamp in the dark!); something that pushes against the inertia of ordinary life. Bootcamp does all that for me and more.

As if that isn’t enough, there is the unexpected camaraderie. There are so many things I’m grateful for at this moment in time but at the top of the list are the new people in my life, in particular my fellow Bootcamp ladies as well as my trainer. We count on and support each other and are steadfastly committed to this group. Just this morning we were working in pairs doing a ridiculous number of repetitions of some basic moves. I was in the midst of my third set of 15 burpees which really challenge me aerobically when my partner looked over and said “you can do it.” She didn’t make a big deal about it; she just saw I needed a little bit of encouragement. And you know what? It actually helped! Her words gave me just enough of a boost to propel me forward to the end. So thank you C.!

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